WHAT is K’edge Climbing Platform?

A perfect solution for wall and slab works at great height with a high precision design that emphasises on automation and safety with its unique design.

Versatile with concurrent multiple usages – touch-up, patching, hacking, defect work, installation and dismantling of formwork panels as well as structural work – a fully protected external environment.

HOW does K’edge works?

K’edge is the climbing platform designed to work with or without automatic abilities. Ideally, K’edge installation involves ground assembly on an open space and is hoisted up onto the initial anchoring point. Thereafter, K’edge will undergo the self-jacking from floor-to-floor.

WHY K’edge?

Working platform well protected (with safety net & protection boards).

safety net protects items from falling from working platform onto ground
protection boards protects items from falling from gap between building and platform, onto ground

Safe working area for personnel working at external structure

supports up to 3 person per floor
working platform is checked by safety officers on site prior usage

K’edge is fully assembled and dismantled at a safe ground area – minimising risks of personnel working at height.

K’edge is hoisted to its initial anchoring point by trained tower crane operators, thereafter undergoes safe jacking from floor-to-floor.

K’edge Climbing Platform’s design is approved by Jabatan Keselamatan dan
Kesihatan Pekerjaan Malaysia (JKKP) a.k.a Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) under the Ministry of Human Resources.

This certification serves as a reassurance that safeness is Kehzen Manufacturing’s utmost priority.

Increasing speed of productivity, K’edge allows sectional movements of working platform to adhere to external facade and structural work.

Cost effective while increasing productivity – minimal labour required for assembly and jacking process.

Introduction to K’edge

Watch the video for a full view of K’edge Climbing Platform, from installation to hoisting and jacking processes.